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In Scotland, when friends get together they blether. When those three friends happen to be freelance Scottish Blue Badge Tourist Guides you can be sure that the country they are so passionate about will be right at the heart of their discussions.

We are Susan, Liz and Helen, whose passion for Scotland is only second to regaling our guests with tales of old and new.

We found ourselves with time on our hands in 2020 due to Covid, so rather than have a pity-party, we thought we'd put our knowledge and skills to good use and start a podcast called Scottish Blethers. Well, we knew nothing about podcasting last summer, but that didn't stop us ! 

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Also available on Amazon Music, Anchor, RadioPublic, Breaker, PocketCasts and Overcast

With 2021 looking to be much the same as 2020 for international travel, we have moved into Virtual Tours that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own armchairs. They aren't going to make us millionaires, but we hope you enjoy them and the money we make goes back into upgrading our logo and building a website.

We'd love to hear from you with your feedback, suggestions for podcast topics and anything else to do with Scotland.

We look forward to blethering with you

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